When you’re a part during the day, finding time together can be difficult. One of the perfect solutions to this problem is to take your spouse a surprise lunch. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy because the surprise will mean the most.

There are several ways you can do this surprise lunch, but you’ll need to remember the time factor when you’re making the plans. You don’t want to be late getting back or have your spouse say they can’t do it because it will take too long, so make sure you plan accordingly.

One thing to remember is you can go out to a restaurant at any time for a meal. What you want to plan is something where the two of you can literally be alone together; you won’t get that in a restaurant setting.

The first suggestion will be weather permitting, but it’s a fun one anyway. If you have a park near by have a picnic lunch. You can do cold sandwiches, macaroni salad, potato chips, and ice-tea. Those items are perfect and if your spouse is a little late getting out for lunch it won’t hurt anything.

If you have a river or lake near by and there are picnic benches, this would be another great idea. You probably won’t have enough time to cook your food so you’ll want to make something similar to a picnic lunch or you could purchase sub sandwiches and a bag of chips to take with you.

Walking paths sometimes have benches along the way. If you have one close to where you are you can pack a sack lunch and sit on the bench and eat. This will give you time together and you’ll have a chance to go for a walk either before or after you eat.

One last suggestion is to go to your favorite look out point and park your car and eat there. This works well if you have a mountain or higher elevated area close to where you live or work. You’ll have a great view, you’ll be able to eat lunch together, and you’ll be able to talk alone.

If you’re struggling to find time to be alone together, having a surprise lunch is a good way to find that time. These lunch plans don’t take long to plan and they don’t cost a lot either, but they’re worth it when you make them happen.

Corrie Petersen has been happily married to Kevin since 1993 and they have two wonderful and athletic boys. They have had their ups and downs and along the way they’ve learned what makes it better. Corrie created a program for couples based on what she and Kevin learned. You can learn more about this program for couples here.