Calling All Couples

If you’re anything like me, you know what busy is like. To me it means running my boys from one place to another. It also means attending games and traveling for out of town events. When you’re busy with that and running a business at the same time it can put a burden on your marriage.

A burden is not good whether your marriage is doing wonderfully or if you’re struggling and having problems. Showing your spouse that you love him/her is important, but can be difficult at times. We offer a 30 day membership that will help you show your spouse you care every day. Right now our membership is $10 for the entire 30 days, but if you purchase before Wednesday, August  24th at midnight EST, you’ll get a 40% discount and only pay $6.

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Welcome to Operation Christian Couples

Hi there and welcome to Operation Christian Couples. I hope you enjoy this site and the help it will give to you. Make sure you subscribe to our site so you receive notice each time we update our blog.

The point in this site is to help Christian couples and others with their marriage. While we’ll not a therapist or doctor, we’re here to help through the tips and suggestions that we make. Visit the home page to see what we offer and how you can subscribe to our 30 day love tips.

Here’s to a happy marriage full of love and fun.

Blessings today,